Survive the dungeon trials and create custom trails around hells minions as you dodge fireballs, avoid spear attacks and navigate deadly traps in a procedurally generated dungeon!

Beat all the rooms to face off against the dungeons boss, good luck!

Important Notice: Best played with a controller/game pad, If the game seems to be running slow in browser try using a different browser, Unity WebGL is known to occasianally run badly in Chrome, play in full screen

Drive Or Die was my final year submission for my degree. The aim of the final year project was to solo develop a game that showcases our specialism, mine being programming I wanted to design a game that would do exactly that while also challenge myself.

I decided to design the project based on 2 core systems that I wanted to develop, the first being procedural generation and the other being custom mesh generation in real time.

Supports Keyboard and Controller/Game Pad

See Trailer and Link to my website below!


Download 82 MB

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